newwww :)

Hello, I decided to return to update, hope that this time I will have more readers!
[Before, in the last time the blog remained anonimis.]

forgive me for being sucks on english, I`m working on it.... :)
if you would visit here more often, I suppose that I will not have choice but to improve :) wich is better for me...


And here`s the new stuff:

first of all' some bad guy stole my favorite bag before 3 days+-, my cellphone was there and also my new purse and more all kinds of things, so... I decided to compensate myself with a lovely new bag,

from market of the antiquities,[square dizingop tel Aviv]
cost 20 nis


the one on the top are from carmel market for 35 nis.
those that I wear are also , cost 30 nis and they are originality from the 60`s (:

and earrings!!! The red cuple were of my mother before a lot of years, and the second were bought in the market hpshpshim in Jaffa for 5 nis only:)

And last , shoes that my friend found for me on the street, my father say that they seem from the 70's, I think they are kind of cool, i like this style:)

hope to read your comments soon, [is that how i`m Suppose to end a post?]
love you all