Pictures from my birthday dinner:)

we ate on "Moses", It was so good!

Maya and I
Me and Coral
Keren, Me and Na`ama
Keren and Na`ama
Maya and I
Shir, Shaked and Hamotal
Me and Anastasia
sweet Ananas!
Achinoam and Maya
Me and Coral
Keren, Na`ama and Achinoam!
Shir and shaked
the girls bought me tht sweet birthday "cake", YAMI!
Ananas and Coral
Achinoam and Maya
Achinoam and Ananas
Achinoam and I

It was a wonderful night for me, Thanks girls

Complite swimsuit

My mother surprised me with those two beautiful swimsuits…
I`ve never wear complete swimsuit… but those are really great…

The back…my favorite part!


New Shirt

The floral print and those happy colors conquered me… I just fell in love.

And the real colors:Zara, 69 NIS [on sale]

Do you like it?

Back To Basics


New stuff again… [I`m inclined to exaggerate when it comes to sales-season]

A kidnapped look over my closet brought me to a clear conclusion… I never buy basics clothing.

It`s kind of a problem because something must balance my other colorful or special pieces…

So I focused this time on a selection of a few items than can function as base for my varied closet.

I`m still working on it but here`s what I'd bought up to now:

  • A simple pair of black pants -[Zara, 100 NIS on sale.]

  • 2 pairs of basic jeans [clean style] -[Zara, 100 NIS each-on sale.]

  • A grey pocket T, and the same but on a bigger size on that olive green

the green:

I need to find also: a few tanks in clean colors [grey, black, with and blue]a black and a grey\navy\ stone cardigans, and a grey and black tights. That’s all, now I can easily dress up!

XOxo me!

My 17 B-Day

Today is my Birthday and I`m really excited…
After all, a girl turns 17 only once…
I got lovely presents and I`m going out with my girlfriends to a cute restaurant in the evening…

Pictures of my B-Day outfit:

[sorry about that silly face]


**By the way, finally I have my own camera and that’s means that now I can update more often, even every day.
I have so match New to show you guys so please visit again ...