this week outfits,

Sorry about not being here in consecutively way...I`m tring to update often but I can`t find even one free minute...

Please keep follow me, I`m waiting to get some more many [In my next 1-3 salaries] to enrich my coat check, wait for some new interesting twists:)
As for now...

vest: grandpa
tank: unknown
necklaces: mother
sandals: GALI- 50 NIS

It wasn`t that fattening on reality, It`s just an unflattering pictures.

shirt: Purple Pupy Dog [second hand]- 65 NIS
pants: unknown store, 20 NIS
jewelries: vintage [Mother]
shoes, "new", bought it last week in "Vitzo" for 10 NIS.
bag: Moonstone- 5o NIS
kerchief : vintage [Mother]
and my new pony that I cut by myself:)
New this week: those heels the fron unknown reason seems to be very dirty at those picture, believe me that they are amazing in reality, particular this gold line!!! I loveeeee gold.
antiquities market for 35 NIS.

XoXo, ME:)
Here`s are my latest outfits:)

shoes: Machne Yehuda Market 40 NIS
Dress: Ralf Kata 50 NIS

shoes: Machne Yehuda Market 40 NIS
pants: ZARA 70 NIS
sweater: grandmother

The necklace :

necklace: Carmel Market 15 NIS
pants: ZARA 70 NIS
sweater: secondhand [Aderet] 45 NIS

necklace: Carmel Market 10 NIS
jeans and belt: found in my mother`s house
satin tank: my mother gave me:)
my friend`s shoes
my sister`s bag

XOXO Michaly:)

Wednesday`s outfit

hey, I was`nt here for a while because I had some problems in the computer.

This is what I was wearing today for school and arrangements:
the shoes:
The bag:
sweater: grandmother
jeans: GRIP, 50 NIS
shoes: second hand [Old Navy]
chain: mother
bag: 20 NIS antiquities market.
when it had started to rain I changed my shoes to those boots:

[flea market]

And today`s shopping:
necklaces [Carmel market, 30 NIS together.]

speckled umbrella [Carmel market, 10 NIS together.]
super cute underwears [some small shop on King George st. , 5 NIS each.]

Godd night, Me!
Here`s cuple of my summer looks from the last month

The first day of school:)
dress; Wedgie 90 nis
shoes; old navy [second hand] 60 nis
chain- my mother
bag- found in the street

plastic shoes; unknown shop in shenkin street 30 nis
pants- unknown shop in Alenby street- 30 nis
tank- some bazzar- 20 nis
belt- don`t remmember... 20 nis
bag- [my friend lended it to me] from Zara
chain- my mother, Bezalel

shoes; old navy [second hand] 60 nis
pants- unknown shop in Alenby street- 30 nis
-ornamented knit -private vintage sale [original sixty's] 45 nis
bag-my mother

chain- my mother, Bezalel
shorts- Renuar outlet- 30 nis
marker T shirt- Wedgie 35 nis
gladiator sandals- Gali 50 nis

shirt-Vitzo 15 nis
belt-my friend lended it to me
necklaces-my mother
gladiator sandals- Gali 50 nis

XOxo michal

soon it`s going to be colder...


I`m waiting to make my winter`s shops and I`ve already made my Shopping list which I`m going to write here tomorrow.
As for now, I made 4 outfit that are leading up to the autumn [yet short sleeves].
hope you`ll enjoy it:)

XOXO, me.


Tomorrow it's my first day on school [eleven grades] and I'm extremely exciting from this subject.
I haven't been here for a wile because I got so many things to do at this short vacation...
But now when I'm about to be back on the routine I was thinking to update again.
I shopped in tons and I had almost every item i desired at the beginning of the summer.

Please back tomorrow again to see what I will choose to were for school...
See you soon

Michal :)

stockholm streetstyle:)

i found on this lovely streetstyle blog from stockholm some great casual looks thit i realy love, so here it comes:

bild till artikeln

lovely shorts, great color. she is wearing it whit a simple white tank that realy balance the courageous color, i love the clutch:)
simple sweet young outfit :)

bild till artikeln

love it! original and clean outfit , so flow and pleasant. love the special tie, shoes and mainly the bag and I realy love that way of pant`s folding . also the lean belt add to the style and of course the sunglasses ! wonderful

bild till artikeln
i love the hair, so "Hair" :)

bild till artikeln
I realy love black outfits, and Bryan make it work, every item is fitting precisely !
nobody dress loke that in israel! [i`m talking about the boys]
bild till artikeln
love everything, specially the color matching . someone said summer? :)
bild till artikeln
there is no words!
bild till artikeln
bild till artikeln
love the color matching between the shirts and socks!
just the jacket isn't my style.
bild till artikeln
A quality of casual^ love those summer colors, nice:)
that`s all for today cause i`m getting tierd
XOXO michal:)

Hi:) I know that was'nt here for awhile! But I returned, and I have new things!

Special undershirt with a cleavage back that caused to the distortion in the photograph [she not really so small]
from market btsalal, it's cost 20 nis.

One from my favorite purses, that returned from repair
[Father founded for me in the street]:

White dress from Betsalel market, she has special binding of the sleeves in the back that hardened to photograph
cost 10 nis

West from market of the antiquities cost 10 nis

[I still have to choose and to sew him new buttons but it's possible too to wear him like that because I wear him open:) ]
Two new dresses, gray and black, cost 50 nis, Every one from "Ralf Kata":

Type of a vintage jaect from market of the antiquities,cost 20 nis, I think that it`s very cool!

new belts from "Ralf Kata",the purple cost 10 nis and the brown cost 30 nis:

Several necklaces that I bought today in the market of the antiquities
10 nis everyone.

The DOG is made from copper, The girl is made from metal and the crystal is made from plastic, It was really hard to catch his shape in the picture .
I have founded in my house several pendants that i would like to use them for necklaces preparations. :
Earrings: 10 nis for a pair:

some cute nonsense:) :
[gifts from my sister]

my room!
I did renovation in the room and I really want to do post with pictures, but I have a few more things to finish, so for now:

my new lovely lamp [father bougth it for me]
and magazins pictures that i combined together on the wall!
that`s all! what do you think?
XO XO michal:)