this week outfits,

Sorry about not being here in consecutively way...I`m tring to update often but I can`t find even one free minute...

Please keep follow me, I`m waiting to get some more many [In my next 1-3 salaries] to enrich my coat check, wait for some new interesting twists:)
As for now...

vest: grandpa
tank: unknown
necklaces: mother
sandals: GALI- 50 NIS

It wasn`t that fattening on reality, It`s just an unflattering pictures.

shirt: Purple Pupy Dog [second hand]- 65 NIS
pants: unknown store, 20 NIS
jewelries: vintage [Mother]
shoes, "new", bought it last week in "Vitzo" for 10 NIS.
bag: Moonstone- 5o NIS
kerchief : vintage [Mother]
and my new pony that I cut by myself:)
New this week: those heels the fron unknown reason seems to be very dirty at those picture, believe me that they are amazing in reality, particular this gold line!!! I loveeeee gold.
antiquities market for 35 NIS.

XoXo, ME:)
Here`s are my latest outfits:)

shoes: Machne Yehuda Market 40 NIS
Dress: Ralf Kata 50 NIS

shoes: Machne Yehuda Market 40 NIS
pants: ZARA 70 NIS
sweater: grandmother

The necklace :

necklace: Carmel Market 15 NIS
pants: ZARA 70 NIS
sweater: secondhand [Aderet] 45 NIS

necklace: Carmel Market 10 NIS
jeans and belt: found in my mother`s house
satin tank: my mother gave me:)
my friend`s shoes
my sister`s bag

XOXO Michaly:)