soon it`s going to be colder...


I`m waiting to make my winter`s shops and I`ve already made my Shopping list which I`m going to write here tomorrow.
As for now, I made 4 outfit that are leading up to the autumn [yet short sleeves].
hope you`ll enjoy it:)

XOXO, me.

3 תגובות:

  1. lovely mixes, I can see myself wearing them all esp the top outfits! where is the first multi skirt from?

    ps: thanks for passing by :)


  2. אני מתה על החצאית הפרחונית בתמונה התחתונה משמאל
    נראית כאילו תתאים להכל

  3. J'Adore Fashion

    thanks a lot.
    i don`t remmember the sources of the skirts, sorrt:(

    Dana (MODAna)
    אני יודעת! היא מדהימההההה