Hi:) I know that was'nt here for awhile! But I returned, and I have new things!

Special undershirt with a cleavage back that caused to the distortion in the photograph [she not really so small]
from market btsalal, it's cost 20 nis.

One from my favorite purses, that returned from repair
[Father founded for me in the street]:

White dress from Betsalel market, she has special binding of the sleeves in the back that hardened to photograph
cost 10 nis

West from market of the antiquities cost 10 nis

[I still have to choose and to sew him new buttons but it's possible too to wear him like that because I wear him open:) ]
Two new dresses, gray and black, cost 50 nis, Every one from "Ralf Kata":

Type of a vintage jaect from market of the antiquities,cost 20 nis, I think that it`s very cool!

new belts from "Ralf Kata",the purple cost 10 nis and the brown cost 30 nis:

Several necklaces that I bought today in the market of the antiquities
10 nis everyone.

The DOG is made from copper, The girl is made from metal and the crystal is made from plastic, It was really hard to catch his shape in the picture .
I have founded in my house several pendants that i would like to use them for necklaces preparations. :
Earrings: 10 nis for a pair:

some cute nonsense:) :
[gifts from my sister]

my room!
I did renovation in the room and I really want to do post with pictures, but I have a few more things to finish, so for now:

my new lovely lamp [father bougth it for me]
and magazins pictures that i combined together on the wall!
that`s all! what do you think?
XO XO michal:)

5 תגובות:

  1. יש לך סטייל אחותי.(:
    רביעי אני בראלף קטה.:D

    ומאיפה הכפייה?

  2. תודה:), הכאפייה מהחנות של הכובעים מול שוק הכרמל [תחילת שנקין]

  3. מותק!!!!!!!!!1 מהממהם הכול!!!!ממש האהבתי מתה לראות אליך=)
    אוהבת אותך המון3>חיחי

  4. ממש אהבתי את הכל :) תתחדשי.

    גמאני רציתי את הכאפייה אבל היה עליי מעט כסף והייתי צריכה לחזור הביתה..(אני גרה בטבריה ככה ש...)

    בכל מקרה, אהבתי ממש את הטעם שלך!!

    hope to see you more here :D

  5. איזה ז'קט מדהים!
    נראה כמו בלנסיאגה לא פחות ולא יותר