hello again :)


I've searched a lot of time after shoes from this type, in the style of "Keds", my preference was to the source, in white, but I haven't really found, and yesterday encountered these which is also very nice, love the pattern.

[the cute pattern]

Cost 60 nis on second hand.


I bought also a turquoise kaffiyah scarf for 25 nis

[it`s more greeny]

and Here's what I wore today for school:

i`m not realy that fat :(

this is the real color
of my pants and kerchief :)

Top: Carmel market 20 nis
Pants: found on the street
kerchief [on my pants] :Grandmother
My new shoes
and my blue 60`s sunglasses

Have a nice day :) bye


  1. another Israeli blog!
    i love it :)

    the pattern on your shoes is great.. from where is it?

  2. Thanks:) , the shoes are from "shtiim"